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  • Доставка цветов на дом – удобство современного мира


    доставка цветов на дом в любом городе

    Но зачастую одарить человека цветами при личной встрече нет возможности, и тогда доставка цветов курьером оказывается более приемлемым вариантом. Благодаря интернету, организовать доставку цветов сегодня можно не выходя из дома и не только в любой город России, Украины и других стран СНГ, но и в любую страну мира.

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  • Send Flowers to Your Dear Ones in Moscow


    Send flowers and gifts to Moscow

    If you have loved ones living or staying in Moscow and it is their Birthday it is a holiday season, you can go beyond a phone call and order flowers delivery.

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  • “Ins and Outs” of Flowers Delivery in Russia


    Send flowers to your loved ones in Russia

    Working extensively with local flower shops and florists in Russia and the USA and having plenty experience to compare, we are sometimes simply astonished with the level of service that Russian florists and flower shops offer these days. It looks like high competition as well as timely response to the demands of the market push the local flower shops in Russia to the best possible and versatile service a client would ever wish for.

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  • Dating a Russian or Ukrainian Girl? Flowers are a Must!


    Giving flowers when dating a Russian or Urkainian girl

    You think all women like flowers? Yes, they do, but Russian and Ukrainian women have a very special relationship with flowers. It is not as much as they love flowers more than women in other countries, but that there is a strong cultural tradition of giving flowers to women in Russia and all countries of former Soviet Union. Russian women are used to getting flowers: for special occasions, for holidays and just for no special reason, especially in the period of courtship.

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