Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that you accepted and delivered my order?

When you place your order on our website, you will get an automated response that your order has been accepted. If you do not receive such response, it is possible that our security system has flagged your order as suspicious and we will do further investigation before we accept the order. You can contact us if you feel that your payment was legitimate but you have not received a confirmation from us.

If you make your order over the phone, we will let you know about accepting your order either over the phone or via email.

Please note, that even if your order is initially accepted but we later find out that the order is fraudulent or a fraudulent credit card was used to pay for the order, we leave the right for FlowersUSSR to cancel the order. We will attempt to contact you to inform about the cancellation.

After the delivery of your order, you will receive email with delivery confirmation.

Can I cancel the order and how?

Yes, you can cancel your order if the order was not delivered yet and the florist did not make the arrangement yet in preparation for delivery. You can either call us or email your cancellation request to our email address specifying the order number or the recipient’s name in the subject of the email.

For the special orders for which the florist has to pre-order the floral or complementary item/items just for your order (for example, a bouquet of 200 roses, a cake, a special bottle of wine, etc.), we won’t be able to cancel the order unless the florist tells us that he has enough time to cancel the special order with their suppliers. Please contact us to find out if the cancellation is still possible for your special order.

Can you deliver an arrangement other than in your catalog, for example, based on the picture I send to you?

Absolutely. We do not limit our customers with the choices presented in our catalog. You are welcome to provide us with the verbal description or a picture of the bouquet/flower arrangement you want and we can provide you with the quote.

In some destinations, our partnering florists are willing to take extra step and get a special gift for your loved ones. For example, a special bottle of wine, perfume, a very large soft toy, a gourmet basket, etc.

What happens with the order if the recipient is out of town or not at home on the day of scheduled delivery?

We always ask our florists to call the recipients’ before they even start arranging flowers. Therefore, the florist will be informed by the recipient that she is not home and the order will not be delivered. The recipient can inform the florist at the time of the call about her return date and the florist can make the delivery at that time.

If the florist is unable to reach the recipient, the order will not be delivered, unless you specify that you want to take a risk and deliver without arranging it with the recipient. We will inform you if we cannot get in touch with the recipient or if the recipient reschedules delivery for a different date. We will not hold responsibility for the late delivery if it happens due to not being able to reach the recipient or if the recipient himself reschedules for a later time/day.

I don’t have the delivery address, but I have the recipient’s phone number. Can you still make flower delivery?

Yes, we can. If you can provide us with the name of the city where the recipient lives, our partnering florist in that city can contact the recipient and inquire about the address. If you do not know the name of the city, please notify us, so that we can call the recipient ourselves before we send the order to a florist.

The recipient was not satisfied with the quality of flowers. What do you do about it?

We select our partnering florist very careful and freshness of flowers is number one requirement for us. Please inform us about quality complain right away. The complain must be reported within 3 days after the delivery date. We will appreciate if you can send us a picture of the flowers taken by the recipient so that we can see the flowers delivered to the recipient. We also ask our florist to take the picture of the flowers before delivery and in cases of dissatisfaction we request the picture from the florist. If we confirm that the flowers were not fresh, we will redeliver another bouquet for no additional cost to you.

Please not that sometimes insufficient care for the flowers after they were delivered can cause them wither very fast (for example, not putting flowers in water for long time, keeping flowers under direct sun or next to a heater). Unfortunately we will not be able to honor your complain if we find out that the flowers were delivered fresh and withered fast for the reasons beyond our control.

I was not able to find the city I want to deliver flowers to in the list of cities on your website? Does it mean that there is no flowers delivery service there?

No, it does not mean that the delivery there is not available. It could be that we just haven’t delivered there yet, but there is a possibility that we can find a new partnering florist in the city of your interest and arrange delivery for your loved ones. Contact us with the request and we will let you know whether we can help you.