Dating a Russian or Ukrainian Girl? Flowers are a Must!

Do you think all women like flowers? Certainly! But Russian and Ukrainian women have a very special relationship with flowers. More than mere adoration, there is a strong cultural tradition of giving flowers to women in Russia and all countries of former Soviet Union. Russian and Ukrainian women are used to getting flowers: for special occasions, for holidays and just for no special reason, especially in the period of courtship.

Giving flowers when dating a Russian or Urkainian girlDating and flowers are almost inseparable in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the rest of the Post-Soviet world. And for a Western man it might be something that they might have never thought about when dating a girl who grew up in the USA, for example. In the USA, most likely you did not bring flowers to your first date, nor did you surprise your date with a surprise flower delivery to her work or home. Russian women have been raised with different attitudes toward men, dating and marriage and their expectations might be significantly different from the women you know in the USA. Most Russian and Ukrainian women appreciate romance and old-fashioned courting: flowers, gifts, little surprises, love letters, poetic words.

If you’re considering a relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian belle, it’s vital to grasp the cultural nuances of dating. Here’s your guide to courting in this realm:

  • Special Days Need Flowers: At the very least, present her flowers on her birthday and Women’s Day (March 8th). These dates are non-negotiable for floral gestures.
  • Flowers ‘Just Because’: Heading to a first date? One rose can set the right tone. As your bond deepens, understand her floral preferences – perhaps she adores tulips over roses, or loves bouquets with heartfelt messages. Bring her flowers or arrange flowers delivery to her for no special occasion.Цветы на первое свидание
  • The Unspoken Rules: Give an odd number of flowers. Even numbers are reserved for funerals and might be perceived as inauspicious otherwise.
  • The Message Matters: While flowers are lovely, the sentiments accompanying them matter profoundly. Skip generic words and opt for heartfelt notes like, “These blooms pale in comparison to your beauty” or “Every petal reminds me of the moments we’ve shared.”
  • Surprise at Her Workplace: Want to make her day? Send flowers to her office through the FlowersUSSR service. It’s a delightful way to make her feel cherished.  Our local florist will contact her and arrange the delivery time or you can arrange a surprise delivery if you feel like taking a risk.


Surprise your Russian date with flowers delivered to her work


  • Win the Family: Sending flowers to her mom can earn you extra points. Remember, in these cultures, family ties run deep.
    Send flowers to both your girlfriend and her mother
  • Sweeten the Gesture: Chocolate and flowers are a winning combo. Through FlowersUSSR, you can add chocolates to your bouquet, a classic courtship m
    ove in Russia.
  • For the Young at Heart: If she’s younger or just young at heart, accompany the flowers with a teddy bear. Many Russian women, seen across Instagram, have a soft spot for cuddly toys.Teddy bear is a great gift for your Russian girlfriend
  • Authenticity is Key: Ensure all gestures, big or small, come from the heart. Pretense is easily spotted and rarely appreciated.


Whether your Russian-speaking girlfriend lives in a city of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan or other country, FlowersUSSR is your trusted partner in sending a bouquet of fresh flowers to her home or office and ensuring timely delivery. You can learn more about “Ins and Outs” of sending flowers to Russia here.

Dive deeper into the intricacies of sending flowers to Russia on our site. Let your heartfelt gestures pave the way for a blossoming relationship.

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