Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • Flowers for the 1st of September? One More Occasion for Flower-giving in Russia.


    Students with flowers for the 1st day od school

    Thousands of schoolchildren all over the countries of former Soviet Union bring flowers to school on the first of September, also known as the Day of Knowledge.

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  • Making Rainbow Roses at Home


    Радужная роза

    How do rainbow roses turn out like this? Do they grow like this or does somebody make them? Read this article to find out how to make rainbow roses at home.

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  • Brussels’ Flower Carpet


    Brussels' Flower Carpet

    Starting August, 14 the Grand Place Square of Brussels will turn into the spectacular Carpet of Flowers. This remarkable event happens every other year and attracts not only tourists but professional florists as well. The event lasts for 4 days during which the carpet is staying fresh and radiant.

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  • Flowers Delivery: When Did It Start?


    Flowers Delivery: When Did It Start?

    It is impossible to be certain as to when the floristy originated. The early signs of it could be traced back to the Egyptian Period (2800 BC to 28 BC). Egyptians used to decorate their guests with garlands and wreaths for ceremonies. They also used flowers for decorations on banquet tables! During the early beginning of recorded history we can find some evidence of flower giving; for example, in Egyptian hieroglyphics, in very early Chinese writings, and also in the Ancient mythology of the Greek and Roman civilizations. It is believed that Persian military used the practice of encoding messages in the flowers.

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